Another book that received praise last year that I only got around to this year, but man am I glad I did. Pachinko is an incredible read. It’s commentary on family, on gender, on immigration, culture, ambition, globalism, progress, modernity, on so many topics is immensely valuable.

Throughout this book I kept thinking about Satyajit Ray’s Apu Trilogy. That, along with this book, I believe should be taught in high schools. The journey Apu’s family takes is similar to the journey the family at the center of Pachinko takes. From farm life to living in a modern city. I don’t think I’ll ever fully appreciate how much change the 3-5 generations before me saw in their lifetimes. And how modern life took shape over the 20th century, at times catapulting families into wealth and comfort but almost always disrupting and disorienting families.