Never Let Me Go

This was my first Ishiguro and I fear I may not have picked a great one to start with. Never Let Me Go has a focus on culture and how difficult it is to see past the world you exist in, but the writing style and perspective was so insular and narrow that I had a hard time truly getting lost in the book. I always felt like I was reading from an arm’s length distance. Much like the main characters in this book, there was a somewhat stunted writing style that betrayed deeper emotion, while trying to hide it behind simplicity. The result, at least for me, though, was more simplicity and less depth, unfortunately.

In his defense, though, Ishiguro did propel me forward through the book enough that I was hooked until the third act. I wanted to know how these characters would describe their worlds to each other. And what would happen when these cultures clashed. That part of the book was somewhat rewarding.