Lords of Finance - The Bankers Who Broke the World

Lords of Finance is eminently deserving of its 2013 Pulitzer for non-fiction. Liaquat Ahamed has written a forward moving and captivating text about a seemingly dry subject (macro-economics) by grounding it in fascinating characters. The 4 protagonists, a cast of rotating bankers (mostly white men, but that’s who was in power) and especially John Maynard Keynes make for fascinating pegs upon which to hang this hugely important story. The mystery, character, plotting and development of this book rivals some of the best works of fiction in the last few years. Although some of the economic concepts were foreign to me, I never felt lost. Ahamed does a great job of introducing and grounding simple and complex ideas, alike, all in service of the story.

I look forward to finding more works of history and non-fiction like this.