Creativity Inc

I suggested we read this book as part of a work book club. The conversation it sparked was a useful one as my team and think about management and organizational practices for a creative organization. In our case the work is journalism rather than creative fiction. But many of the principles and truisms about human nature, managing teams, setting visions and frameworks and trusting people to let them succeed were all applicable.

There were times, though, when the book buckles under the weight of more recent history. Knowing, for example, that some of the people mentioned in this book were later revealed to have destructive behavior (sexual harassment, bullying and the like) certainly colors the outcomes this book touts as successes.

Even with those caveats, though, there is something rewarding about reading a management book that is grounded in good story telling, treating people well, and succeeding through investment in people and teams rather than One Trick To Make More Money type approaches.