American Marriage

When American Marriage gets made into a Hollywood movie, here’s how I think it should be cast: Celestial = Issa Rae. Roy = Brian Tyree Henry. Andre = André Holland.

I joke, mostly, but I do think this film would make for an interesting film or TV adaptation. Although, the most powerful parts – where Celestial and Roy are writing letters back and forth while Roy is in prison – would be difficult to dramatize. I suppose it would make for an interesting challenge for a screenwriter.

This was a quick read, and provided an interesting romantic addition to our cultural conversation about mass incarceration. In that way, it reminded me of some of Ava Duvernay’s work, especially “Middle of Nowhere”. The effect of mass incarceration extends far beyond the prisoners. And the effects of such a life distorting experience, over the course of generations, is difficult to fully grasp. Our novels, films and culture have to help us do some of the work of understanding and dealing with this reality.