All About Love - New Visions

I received this book as a gift for my 29th birthday. As of this writing, I’ve been single for the longest period of my young-adult life, about 4 years. Prior to this, I had been in a committed relationship basically since I was 16 years old. In some ways, I wish I would’ve read this book before getting into some of those relationships. The definition of love – the will to extend oneself to nurture our or another’s spiritual growth – was among the best I’ve ever come across. It would have given me pause about the kind of love I shared with the women I was in relationship with in those years. Or at least it would have given me a valuable goal to work toward when things weren’t going well.

Unfortunately, where I am now, highly devoted to my professional and personal development, by and large uninterested in being in a relationship, and unmoved by the idea that everything in the world is pegged on or revolves around love, this book didn’t land with as much weight as it may have at a previous or subsequent time in my life.

I did, though, enjoy the discussions of love in society, law, policy, family relationships and other institutions besides marriage or dating. hooks, clearly, is a fantastic writer, which carries the book further than a comparable book by a lesser writer may have gone. But her lack of evidence, commitment to religion, and focus on love as shared between two people (mostly men and women) was disappointing.