Against the Double Blackmail - Refugees, Terror and Other Troubles with the Neighbours

Zizek has a unique talent in his ability to annoy both Leftists and Rightists. He achieves that again here by finding something wrong with both the Leftist, multicultural, tolerant-to-a-fault view of migration and refugees and the Right’s xenophobic, intollerant view of refugees as a security threat. He writes in the way hef speaks – hurried, scattershot, polemic and impassioned. While that can be captivating in interviews or lectures, it leaves me looking for a more organized, structured, thoughtful treatment of this topic.

None the less, there are real costs and benefits to weigh in regard to European migration. And the migration crisis portends something similar across the pond in the US, too, with our own changing demographics, plateauing growth and nationalist politics. But little of the nuanced, informed thinking that topic deserves, was advanced in this book.