iPhone 3.0 Software Updates

Apple recently released the previews for the 3.0 iPhone software update. A lot of interesting updates were announced, at a pretty crucial time (read: Palm Pre's recent release). Although the updates won't be available for users for a few months, developers will be able to start developing new apps before the mass-release. Below are some basic pro's and con's for me -

PROS: 1. New batch of apps from app developers

2. copy + paste: Finally, this has been a long time coming. I have tried some of the third-party apps but they have been nothing much to speak of.

3. MMS: this will be a nice addition, although I don't find myself sending too many media messages via text. I've been happy using the email functionality or posting media on the web.

4. SMS forwarding: again, nice addition, but haven't really found a need for it in the past. Maybe if it's available I'll make use of it.

5. Multiple photos in 1 E-mail message: this is something that I have found the need for in the past. Looking forward to having this feature to use.

6. Spotlight feature on home page: I have about 5 pages of apps, so this will come in handy, although like most iPhone users there are a handful that I use most often.

CONS: 1. The most glaring con is definitely that there is still no-flash available for the iPhone. Hope this get's changed soon.

2. I can see a hardware change coming soon, which means I will probably want to buy the new device. Which means I will need money.

Looking forward to upgrading and playing around with the new software.