UChicago MAPSS alumni talk


In March of this year I was invited back by my graduate program, MAPSS, at the University of Chicago to give a short talk and sit on student panels about career development. The event ended up being a really great way to tie together some of the disparate pieces of my career trajectory thus far. I enjoyed giving the talk and especially talking to all the students I met afterward about their varied interests, my interests and all the ways in which we hope to contribute to the world, academically and professionally after obtaining our masters degrees.

Here's the talk I gave about my, albeit short, career so far. What I've learned, how I got here and what I urged students to think about. As I mention at the beginning of the talk, these are things I'm still thinking about and figuring out for myself, so this talk was less prescriptive and more an opener to a conversation with students who are also thinking and figuring these things out for themselves.

Addendum: I wrote a longer post about my experience at MAPSS, you can find that here