Welcome! To you, and to me!

Welcome everyone!

Today marks the day I expand my online presence onto a blog. I have been wanting to start a blog for quite some time and I finally have a reason to do it, namely, a class project.

Just to give readers a general sense of my interests and what I'll be posting about, here's a short list:

Politics/International Relations: my main academic interests lie in International Relations, Comparative Relations and Area studies. With my interests primarily focused in the Middle East and the Muslim world, politics are obviously inextricable from the larger social context, so readers can expect me to comment on politics, sociology, religion, philosophy, anthropology, history, communication theories and media studies as related to the Middle East, the global context as well as the United States.

Techno-stuff: In addition to my academic interests, I often browse and keep up with the most -recent gadgetry. You can expect some commentary on my favorite i Phone apps, new social media and Web 2.0 services, DSLR cameras and whatever strikes my technophilic fancy.

Music: I am an avid singer and consumer of music. My favorite genres include jazz, modern rock, contemporary choral music, alternative rock, R&B, hip-hop, A Capella, World music, South-Asian music, and a whole lot else.

Cool Podcasts I hear: I listen to many podcasts throughout the day so you can expect me to write about a few of these every so often. Some of my favorites include Radiolab (WNYC), Fresh Air (WHYY), This American Life (WBEZ) and the podcasts from How Stuff Works.com

Other random stuff: I'll probably end up writing about random stuff that is going on in my real and online life.

Places you can find me on the internet:



Looking forward to writing and more to hearing what you all have to say about what I think!

Samarth Bhaskar