Paper Tigers in NY Mag

Wesley Yang has a long-form piece in the NY Mag that cuts and weaves its away across some pretty important issues of gender, power, social-mobility and self-actualization as they manifest themselves for many Asian-Americans. Originally, I thought this piece was kind of a re-hashing of old issues, but after talking to some people and thinking more about it, I think it addresses some concerns that a lot of people don't afford themselves the opportunity to address. Although it winds up talking about the over-discussed Amy Chua controvery, I think its worth the read.

A short excerpt that I liked, maybe because I feel like I'm in this place in my life now -

Throughout my twenties, I proudly turned away from one institution of American life after another (for instance, a steady job), though they had already long since turned away from me. Academe seemed another kind of death—but then again, I had a transcript marred by as many F’s as A’s. I had come from a culture that was the middle path incarnate. And yet for some people, there can be no middle path, only transcendence or descent into the abyss.

I was descending into the abyss.